Liz Lumley, Director of Fintech

Liz Lumley
  1. Tell us a bit about you and your role at VC Innovations?

I am director of FinTech and product.  

2.     We will start with the assumption that you love all aspects of your job but what is the best bit?

Being part of a company from the start and watching it grow, while keeping the dynamic culture of ‘build it and go’ which makes working on projects exciting. 

 3.     How do you respond to the question ‘What does VC Innovation do?’ – in 15 words or less

We are disruptive force in marketing, content and experiences, which puts the needs of our partners first.  

 4.     What 3 words to VC Innov’ers repeat in their sleep?

Update Trello, please 

 5.     It’s Friday night (in normal times) –  do you: Grab a bottle of wine and turn on Netflix, head straight to the gym or grab that new outfit and head out to with friends?

Grab a bottle of wine and put some music from my husband’s library of over 2,000 vinyl records.