Milana Vlaovic, Community Manager

  1. Tell us a bit about you and your role at VC Innovations?

I’m a musician in the world of sales and marketing! I traded the violin for community management a few years ago and haven’t regretted it yet. My role at VC Innovations is to keep the community connected and to facilitate communication. 

2.     We will start with the assumption that you love all aspects of your job but what is the best bit?

The best aspect of the job is definitely the team at VC Innovations – there’s nothing you can’t accomplish without the wholehearted support of your colleagues. 

 3.     How do you respond to the question ‘What does VC Innovation do?’ – in 15 words or less

VC Innovations aims to connect and engage the FinTech community - craft beer included!  

 4.     What 3 words to VC Innov’ers repeat in their sleep?

Content, Community and Experiences. 

 5.     It’s Friday night (in normal times) –  do you: Grab a bottle of wine and turn on Netflix, head straight to the gym or grab that new outfit and head out to with friends?

I grab a bottle of wine and turn on Netflix