Who we are

We are a full stack marketing services, digital media and events business.

And we are so much more.

Our dedicated, passionate and highly knowledgeable team collaborate to leverage their vast expertise and industry insights to deliver sustainable value to our clients across the entire B2B technology landscape.  

We focus on technology macro trends and the way in which industries are evolving as a response with a focus on financial services, digital identity, climate Tech and any industry experiencing digital transformation.  

Meet the team

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz
Lisa Moyle
Lisa Moyle
Director of Strategy and Partnerships
Liz Lumley
Liz Lumley
Director of Content and Fintech
Alex Green
Neil Ray
Neal Ray
Business Development Director
Laura Camplisson
Future Identity Portfolio Lead
Anthony Marion
Commercial Director
Fabian Okocha
Growth Manager
Milana Vlaović
Community Manager
Emily Atherton
Marketing Manager
Vicky Gadsden
Brand & Marketing Manager
Symran Bhogun-Scott
Graphic Designer
Ivana Cekrdzic
Marketing Manager
Katie McVeigh
Graphic Designer
Bohdana Hevierova
Fintech Engagement Lead