Ivana Čekrdzic, Marketing Manager

  1. Tell us a bit about you and your role at VC Innovations?

VC Innovations’ Marketing Manager with rewarding experience in project management and marketing research. Moved home to Belgrade, Serbia having finished her MSc in Marketing at the University of Edinburgh. As a passionate traveller and language enthusiast Ivana has visited almost 30 countries across 3 continents.  

2.     We will start with the assumption that you love all aspects of your job but what is the best bit?

What I love most about my job is that the people I work with are remarkably supportive, eager to learn but also share knowledgewilling to stand up for their peers and have a great sense of humour.  

 3.     How do you respond to the question ‘What does VC Innovation do?’ – in 15 words or less

VC Innovations connects the community of finance experts through infrastructure improvements, campaignand industry acknowledged event brands.  

 4.     What 3 words to VC Innov’ers repeat in their sleep?

Personally: Finastra, Fintechs, App briefs; What I think others have on repeat: Events, LN posts, HubSpot 

 5.     It’s Friday night (in normal times) –  do you: Grab a bottle of wine and turn on Netflix, head straight to the gym or grab that new outfit and head out to with friends?

Under normal circumstances I would start my Friday night by going to a yoga/dance class and end up at my best friend’s flat for coffee and dinner.