Emily Atherton, Marketing Manager

  1. Tell us a bit about you and your role at VC Innovations?

I’m Emily and I am one of the Marketing Managers here at VC Innovations. I am extremely lucky to have such a diverse and varied role. I work on everything from social media, email marketing all the way through to SEO and website work. 

2.     We will start with the assumption that you love all aspects of your job but what is the best bit?

It is tough to pick one aspect here! You are able to make a real impact in this role when it comes to increasing rankings, conversions and so on. I love seeing the results of a successful marketing campaign. Lastly, I couldn’t answer this question without mentioning the team. We all work in a very collaborative way and they are such a supportive bunch. 

 3.     How do you respond to the question ‘What does VC Innovation do – in 15 words or less

A more appropriate question would be what don’t we do?! Next-level marketing services and experiences. We go above and beyond. 

 4.     What 3 words to VC Innov’ers repeat in their sleep

Content, community, experiences. 

 5.     It’s Friday night (in normal times) –  do you: Grab a bottle of wine and turn on Netflix, head straight to the gym or grab that new outfit and head out to with friends?

My colleagues clearly know me too well as they correctly predicted my answer to this question. On a typical Friday night I am either drinking wine and watching Netflix or drinking wine with friends. Either way, as you probably noticed, wine is the common denominator.