Alex Green, CMO

  1. Tell us a bit about you and your role at VC Innovations?

My official role is Chief Marketing Officer and unofficially tech support and HubSpot helpdesk, which some of my former colleagues in IT will find hilarious! But that is the beauty of working for a relatively young yet passionately driven business.  

My journey to where I am today has been less than conventional. Having started in sport working in Formula One, football, golf and sailing I then crossed over to the darkside of finance, 14 years ago and haven’t look back since (may be just sideways on occasion). 

I also have two wonderful kids who love nothing more than joining me, uninvited, on video calls and meetings, although it does liven things up!  

2.     We will start with the assumption that you love all aspects of your job but what is the best bit?

I have the incredible privilege of working with a team of talented, passionate and every-so-slightly obsessed individuals who all bring something unique to the team (even if it is a well buried competitive streak that comes out over a friendly game of Articulate). 

And of course our virtual Friday drinks!  

 3.     How do you respond to the question ‘What does VC Innovation do?’  – in 15 words or less

We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over. 

 4.     What 3 words to VC Innov’ers repeat in their sleep?

On weekdays – Content, Community and Events  

At the weekends – Mine’s a G&T 

5.     It’s Friday night (in normal times) –  do you: Grab a bottle of wine and turn on Netflix, head straight to the gym or grab that new outfit and head out to with friends?

My heart says grab an outfit and head out to friends… my head says grab a bottle of wine and turn on Netflix. No part of my body says head straight to the gym!